Luxury Cars of the 20th Century

Upon the invention of personal motorised transport, it was envisaged only the 1% would ever be able to afford cars. But thanks to mass production techniques, the car became available to all. Despite this, the demand for luxury vehicles still […]

Citroën CX – The Funky French Flagship

The CX a space-age ’70s French design still looks other-worldly today! Watching a CX rise up on it’s unique hydro-pneumatic suspension is reminicent of a hovercraft starting up! Launched in 1974, the CX developed as the successor to the now […]

Maserati Boomerang


The Maserati Boomerang epitomises a supremely confident & futuristic era in Italian auto design. The razor-sharp lines of the Boomerang were designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugario and resonate in his other works of the same period – BMW M1, […]