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1980 Fiat 126 Giannini (Recreation)

So cute it hurts!

Coming up for sale at Historics Auction November 25th 2017:

“The Giannini story began as far back as 1885, beginning as a garage and
becoming part of Itala’s service network. The Giannini brothers Attilio
and Domenico later formed Giannini Automobili S.p.A. and, after 1945,
began producing their own engines, the company becoming well known for
their tuning abilities. In the 1970s, after the death of Domenico, new
blood was brought into the company in the form of Volfango Polverelli, a
lawyer whose aim was to help straighten out the company. Of note, is
that they specialised in supplying tuning kits for Fiats such as the
126, Ritmo (Strada) and the Panda. The Giannini name may still be seen
today on the latest Fiat 500s.

The Fiat 126 Giannini Evocation presented today, began life as a low
mileage and very clean Fiat 126. It subsequently underwent a Giannini
evocation transformation in Italy that included a full refinish in
Giannini colours, Giannini decals and badging. Further works included
removal of the bumpers, an interior upgrade including the dashboard with
additional gauges, a rebuilt engine with full Giannini detailing
including rocker cover, filter, sump and upgraded exhaust system,
lowered suspension and a set of alloy wheels with low profile tyres.
Recently imported into the UK from Italy, this Giannini comes with a
dating letter from Fiat, a NOVA certificate, a valid MoT test
certificate and a UK registration and document. Offered without reserve,
we feel that this pretty Fiat offers something somewhat different in the
classic small car market place.”

As featured on Historics website:

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