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The other Ford Escort

With the US-version of the Escort, Ford was trying to achieve two things : tapping the compact-car market and selling the same car on both side of the pond. It failed. Twice. The Ford Escort mk1 was a great success in the late-60s and the early-70s. In Great-Britain, but also in

A motorsport road-trip

From Paris to Le Mans, then Magny-Cours, then back to Paris, for a series of motorsport events. Toyota France's HQ, Vaucresson Everything about a road-trip has to be unusual, including the vehicle. You can't do a genuine road-trip in a Citroën C3 ! The vehicle of choice is part of the experience.

Brilliance BS6

When you're thinking about Chinese cars, you're perhaps thinking of small, cheap cars. But there was a crazy project. A large sedan that was supposed to compete with the best iron from Germany and made in the poor region of Liaoning. Behold the Brilliance BS6 ! Humble beginings In the 80s, the

Zhengzhou, China

By Joest Jonathan OUAKNINE   Zhengzhou Let’s start with a bit of history. Zhengzhou (to be pronounced “jeng-joe”) is a town in the geographical middle of China with a very ancient history. According to legends, the very first kingdom of China was founded nearby, in 2500 BC, by the Five kings. It’s also

Ford Barchetta-Capri

Chapter 1 This journey starts in Cologne, Germany, in 1983. Bob Lutz is the chairman of Ford of Europe. The blue oval is about to launch the Fiesta Mk2. It's a completely rebodied Mk1. But he knows that the supermini market is about to get very competitive. There's the Austin Metro,