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Brilliance BS6

When you're thinking about Chinese cars, you're perhaps thinking of small, cheap cars. But there was a crazy project. A large sedan that was supposed to compete with the best iron from Germany and made in the poor region of Liaoning. Behold the Brilliance BS6 ! Humble beginings In the 80s, the

Zhengzhou, China

By Joest Jonathan OUAKNINE   Zhengzhou Let’s start with a bit of history. Zhengzhou (to be pronounced “jeng-joe”) is a town in the geographical middle of China with a very ancient history. According to legends, the very first kingdom of China was founded nearby, in 2500 BC, by the Five kings. It’s also

Ford Barchetta-Capri

Chapter 1 This journey starts in Cologne, Germany, in 1983. Bob Lutz is the chairman of Ford of Europe. The blue oval is about to launch the Fiesta Mk2. It's a completely rebodied Mk1. But he knows that the supermini market is about to get very competitive. There's the Austin Metro,

Alpine – the story of a French Marque

The early days of Alpine Alpine is a legendary brand, in France. Back in the early 50s, the Renault 4cv was light, widespread and inexpensive. And with the introduction of the “1063”, there were now some performance parts available. It was the perfect start for a small sports car. A few

BMW’s Italio-German concept cars

Beautiful concept cars From the mid 1960s - mid 70s BMW commissioned a series of beautiful concept cars by contemporary Italian designers of that era. BMW's automotive design direction These highly stylised cars formed the foundation the BMW's automotive design direction for the next several decades. Italian flair & carisma The concepts exude unmistakable Italian

The Life of the Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Cars

Few cars manage to preserve the sensory slap they deliver when first clapped eyes on, but I guarantee you these are three cars you couldn’t possibly take your eyes off. The Alfa Romeo B.A.T’s remain today as quite possibly the most important designs of the Italian automotive renaissance. Penned by

The First Supercars

A supercar is a super car. You all know what they are, they’re the cars we sketched in the back of our maths textbooks, radical wedges covered in guns built for picking up women and blasting through the streets of Saint Tropez; They appeal to our natural attraction to ‘cool’.