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Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 GT, fully race prepared

#AlfaRomeo Giulia Sprint 1600 GT
fully #RacePrepared, FIA race passport (1965)

#ForSale via Gallery Aaldering, NL – full details:

“Great looking, price winning Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 GT from
1965. Complete and in a professional way prepared for the start of
racing season 2017. The previous owner had the Alfa Romeo 26 years in
his ownership and he participated on races with this car. Of course are
all the race results and history present, included FIA http passport
Class CT13! This Alfa Romeo is converted to a historic FIA racer in
1988, it is equipped with a new revised 1600 engine, GTA gearbox with
Colloti transmission and a short five. In addition to the previously
mentioned features is the Alfa equipped with the following elements:
Tilton Clutch with a special flywheel, rear axle with 7/41 transmission,
original GTA brakes, custom made Koni shock absorbers, original
Technomagnesio TZ rims, a large aluminium fuel tank (especially for
one-hour races), lightened race starter, race battery with alternator
and GTA rear/side windows made of lexan. Due to the very professional
setup is this Alfa a very good race car, which has won prizes (1999 &
2008). Of course this Alfa Romeo is admitted to participate in a lot of
races series just as; AVD Germany, NK HTGT The Netherlands, GTTC The
Netherlands, Bravo Belgium, Asava France, Masters rancing series UK and
Diogo Race series Portugal. The bodywork is in great condition, without
any rust and good panel fittings. In short this Alfa Romeo Giulia is a
very complete historic race car and ready for the next seasons!”

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