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Ford Barchetta-Capri

Chapter 1 This journey starts in Cologne, Germany, in 1983. Bob Lutz is the chairman of Ford of Europe. The blue oval is about to launch the Fiesta Mk2. It's a completely rebodied Mk1. But he knows that the supermini market is about to get very competitive. There's the Austin Metro,

The Austin Allegro

There were many jokes about the Austin Allegro. “All Agro” ‘The Flying Pig’ etc etc… Yeah, yeah.

And we all know that the old Top Gear team hated anything British Leyland and were fond of blowing up Morris Marinas or filling the odd Rover Sd1 with water. Yes, very funny. But I’m here to stand on my desk and shout “I BLOODY LOVE BRITISH LEYLAND!”

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Zagato Zele 1000

The Zagato Zele was a small electric car built by the famed Italian design house Zagato of Milan who were better known for designing some of the most exotic and beautiful cars available for marques such as Aston Martin, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. The Zele was conceived at the time

1910s – Brooke 25/30HP Swan

Brooke 25/30HP Swan – Luxury Cars of the 20th Century As far as eccentric cars go, the Brooke 25/30HP Swan is one of the quirkiest. The brainchild of Scotsman, Robert Mathewson, the one-off Swan’s amazingly detailed, beautiful wooden bodywork was hand sculpted and placed upon a Brooke chassis. Upholstered in gorgeous