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Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

Very few cars manage to preserve the sensory smack in the mouth when first unveiled, but the Oldsmobile Golden Rocket sure does; a car still as breathtaking today as it was at the 1956 General Motors Motorama.

Built purely to showcase GM’s design capabilities, the Golden Rocket is clearly inspired by the space race in both name and shape, clothed in a form fitting, fin covered fibreglass body which still shocks to this day. As you’d expect, the interior, just like the body, looked like it had fallen from outer space. Upon opening the doors, the roof panel and seats simultaneously rose and swivelled towards the doors, allowing easier access. Upon entering the car, drivers were greeted with swathes of blue and gold leather, a futuristic centre console running up the dashboard and a dramatic two spoke steering wheel with a speedometer set deep into the centre.

Sadly, as with many of GM’s concepts of the time, the V8 powered Golden Rocket is believed to have been destroyed during the early 60’s. Though no proof of the Golden Rocket’s destruction exists, it is likely the mid-50’s futurist marvel will never resurface.

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