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Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

An oddity in the world of homologation cars, the Ferrari F50 was not built to appease the FIA’s road car quota; quite simply, it was done in reverse. Originally built as a road car, Ferrari envisaged the potential of a racing variant of the F50 competing in the BPR Global GT Series. Through this, a racing car was born which never was, the F50 GT. Ferrari were able to avoid building a homologation special as 349 F50’s were built. Sadly, the F50 GT’s racing series folded before it could ever race, leaving 3 cars finished meaning technically, the Ferrari F50 is a homologation car.

Having lived in the shadows of the F40 for many years, the F50 has undergone a renaissance in which people have begun appreciating Ferrari’s 90’s hypercar for the amazing machine it truly is. Pitched by Ferrari as a Formula 1 car for the road, the F50 certainly shared many characteristics with Ferrari’s F1 masterpieces such as a carbon fibre tub and a 4.7-litre naturally aspirated V12, an engine previously used in Alain Prost’s Ferrari 641 F1 car. With such a concoction of performance it’s a tragedy the 750hp F50 GT, a car with a higher top speed than a McLaren F1 never had the chance to race against Porsche 911 GT1’s in the BPR Global GT Series.

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