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Audi Sport Quattro

After completely revolutionising the rally scene in the early 80’s with its pioneering full time four-wheel-drive system, the first of its kind used in rallying, Audi devised an evolution of the A1 and A2 Quattro’s, the 500hp, 1000kg Sport Quattro S1 built solely to dominate Group B. Although failing to

Porsche 959

Porsche 959

When looking at the low, sleek lines of the Porsche 959, it’s hard to believe it was spawned from a Group B rally car. Porsche saw Group B as the perfect place to test production car technology, a plan which lead to the development of Porsche’s revolutionary four-wheel-drive system, later

Lancia 037 Stradale

Lancia 037 Group B RALLY

The lead up to the 1982 World Rally Cross season was filled with anticipation for what amazing piece of machinery Lancia would replace the famed Stratos with, and what Lancia produced was extraordinary; An unforgiving, analogue driving experience. Built to compete in the infamous Group B category, the 037 achieved