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Lancia 037 Stradale

Lancia 037 Group B RALLY

The lead up to the 1982 World Rally Cross season was filled with anticipation for what amazing piece of machinery Lancia would replace the famed Stratos with, and what Lancia produced was extraordinary; An unforgiving, analogue driving experience. Built to compete in the infamous Group B category, the 037 achieved immense success on the rally scene, becoming the last rear wheel drive car to win the World Rally Championship and the only to beat the Audi Quattro. Propelled by a mid-mounted 2-litre supercharged inline-4 developed by Abarth, the 037 put out well over 300hp, more than enough from a car weighing less than a ton.

In order to homologate the 037 to compete in Group B, 220 road legal variants, or Stradale’s were produced, 20 more than required. Whilst the 037 Stradale’s produced slightly less power than the rally variants, the Stradale’s were still very much race focused, far from a civilised driving experience. Fitted with the identical Abarth power plant, the Stradale’s interior was improved from the striped out rally cars, fitted with carpets and conventional seats, but carried no sound proofing and a navigators light from the rally car.

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lancia_rally_037_stradale lancia-037-rally-car Lancia 037 Group B RALLY

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