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Tyrrell P34

One of the most recognisable silhouettes in motor racing, the Tyrrell P34 triggered somewhat of a fad in Formula 1 of adding extra wheels. Despite dividing opinions of drivers and fans alike, the P34 proved quite competitive during the 1976 season, placing first and second in the Swedish Grand Prix.

A design of purpose, the function of the extra axle was a simple pursuit of performance. In order to reduce drag caused by the front wheels being higher than the front splitter, two sets of smaller wheels were fitted, reducing drag, expanding tyre footprint and increasing airflow over the wing, improving downforce. Fitted with a 6-speed manual hooked up to a Cosworth developed 3-litre V8, 475 horsepower was sent to the rear wheels and front rear, with all four front wheels steering. Also fitted with portholes to allow drivers to see the front wheels through the cabin, the Tyrrell P34 Survived through two seasons and two iterations, eventually retiring in 1977 having been outclassed.

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