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1940s – Mercedes-Benz Type 770 W150

Mercedes-Benz Type 770 W150 Luxury Cars of the 20th Century
The Mercedes-Benz Type 770 is likely the most imposing, menacing and sinister car the world will ever know. Originally built in 1930, the original W07 was revised and replaced with the W150, or Series II in late 1938, the production continuing till 1944 with the car being used by many through the 40’s. The 770 developed such a malevolent reputation due to its affiliation with high-ranking Nazi officers, predominantly Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. Despite the 770’s reputation as Hitler’s personal runabout, only 7 of the 205 vehicles have direct links to the Führer; one of these seven, a W150 was built specially for the dictator. The black W150 Cabriolet, a rarity as most W150’s were hardtops, featured 2cm steel plating hidden in bodywork and 4cm glass, armouring the Mercedes-Benz from landmine attacks and arms fire, the upholstery caching hiding spots for Lugar pistols.

The 5 ton, 20-foot 770’s were powered by a 7.7L straight-8 and optional supercharger, the first car to feature such a configuration. Other owners of the Type 770 included Emperor Hirohito, the last king of Prussia Wilhelm II and Portuguese Prime Minister, Oliveira Salazar. A 770 was also produced for former King of England, Edward VIII, which the Nazi’s intended to gift to him during the planned Nazi occupation of Britain.


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