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Porsche 996 4S For Sale

The Ultimate?

The Porsche 996 was designed by a man called Pinky Lai – ever heard of him?

Pinky Lai helped sell many a new-generation water-cooled Porsche 911. He may have even helped to save the company during tough economic times in the 1990’s.

Pinky joined the Porsche design team in 1989, the 993 was gone and
the air cooled purists were not happy. However, the 996 sold well and
today is one of the cheapest ways to buy into the Porsche 911
experience. They are a good car if you buy right.

The 996 lacked a little muscle until 2002 when the Carrera 4 s was
launched. A beefy body, lowered and 60 in 5 seconds and a top out of 174mph.

We all know that small build numbers, limited production runs and
specific quirks added to a Porsche can be very desirable. This brings me
on to the example below a “very” rare 2005 registered Porsche 996
Carrera 4S in Cobalt Blue / linen interior. 2005 cars are very rare as
the 997 was already out!

This example has an impressive history file, 3 owners,
and just 73K miles on the clock. It’s a beautiful car well cared for an likely
to sell £25K ish area once the pricing is released from Paul French
Specialist Cars.

A bit of a find for sure…

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