Lancia ECV

After the tragic events of 1986 at Corsica, it was clear Group B had little legs left in it, but its scheduled replacement, Group S, didn’t even manage to get off the ground. Despite so, a couple manufacturers managed to […]

Lancia D50

The home of engineering innovation within Italy has always been Lancia. A company with more mechanical claims to it name than any other, one of the company’s quirkier ideas was their 1954 Grand Prix entry, the D50. Unsurprisingly, the most […]

Lancia Stratos Zero

Many would argue Marcello Gandini is the greatest automotive designer of the modern day. Need proof? Just look at the Lancia Stratos Zero. Debuted at the 1969 Turin Motor Show a year before the production Stratos, the two cars shared […]

Lancia Delta S4 Stradale


Throughout the Group B period, many manufacturers attempted to push their machinery as far as allowed, towing the line of the FIA regulations, and no car was pushed further than the famous Lancia Delta S4; so far it inadvertently brought […]

Lancia Stratos Stradale

Lancia Stratos Header

Since its creation in 1973, Lancia have won the World Rally Championship 10 times, making them the most successful rally manufacturer of all time. Of Lancia’s line of fantastic rally cars, one car established Lancia as a rallying force to […]

Lancia 037 Stradale

Lancia 037 Group B RALLY

The lead up to the 1982 World Rally Cross season was filled with anticipation for what amazing piece of machinery Lancia would replace the famed Stratos with, and what Lancia produced was extraordinary; An unforgiving, analogue driving experience. Built to […]

1967 Lancia Fulvia Rallye 1.3 group 4

The introduction of the Fulvia saloon in 1963 maintained Lancia’s reputation for innovation in car design. Designed by Antonio Fessia, the boxy-styled Appia replacement featured an all-new, narrow-angle V4 overhead-camshaft engine with front wheel drive; independent double wishbone front suspension […]