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Lancia Stratos Zero

Many would argue Marcello Gandini is the greatest automotive designer of the modern day. Need proof? Just look at the Lancia Stratos Zero. Debuted at the 1969 Turin Motor Show a year before the production Stratos, the two cars shared very few components, let alone drastically different stylings. Having spent time in many art galleries, the Stratos Zero featured some of the most angular, fierce and timeless styling ever employed in automotive design; so much so it looks like it could have been launched yesterday.

Powered by the Fulvia’s V4 power plant mounted midship under the sharp, triangular engine cover, the Stratos Zero only put out around 115hp, though trivial matters such as power really didn’t matter under the heft of such a stunning body; the Zero is one of those rare cars which can be carried solely on its looks. Having spent the majority of its life in the Bertone Museum, the Stratos Zero changed hands in 2011 for over $900,000 after undergoing a ground up restoration at the turn of the century.

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