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Austin Mini Cooper S Mk. I

Designed by Alex Issigonis in 1959, a new concept in car design was
born. With a monocoque shell, transversely mounted engine and front
wheel drive, the new ‘Mini’, as it was commonly known,soon became
popular across a broad spectrum of the population. Introduced in
February 1964, the 1275 Mini Cooper S, with its torquey engine, has long
been seen as the ultimate ‘S’ and is currently still the most sought
after version for most buyers and owners. Visually the same as the
1071cc ‘S’, the 1275cc was fitted with hydrolastic suspension along with
the rest of the Mini range in late 1964. From early 1966, the extra fuel
tank and oil cooler became standard items. The 1275cc ‘S’ then remained
in production pretty much unchanged until September 1967 when the Mk.II
version was launched.

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