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Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

1st place – Jack Shepherdson’s Top 10 Classic Grand Touring Cars
The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso’s one of those rare cars you can’t not look at; a rare piece of design which pushes everything from your mind. Its organic, free flowing lines encapsulate what a 1960’s Ferrari should be. The last iteration of the 250 platform, the Lusso bridged the gap between the sporty 250 Short Wheel Base and much softer GTE.

Housed under the Pininfarina bodywork sat one of the greatest engines ever made, Ferrari’s infinitely charismatic 3.0 Litre V12. As expected from a car called Lusso (Italian for luxury), the interiors among Ferrari’s greatest, featuring quintessentially Italian dials, a large wood rimed steering wheel and a quilted leather luggage rack, perfect for the weekend away.

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