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1969 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350

The Shelby Mustang was a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang which was built by Shelby from 1965 to 1968, and from 1969 to 1970 by Ford. Following the introduction of the fifth generation Ford Mustang in 2005, the Shelby nameplate was revived as a new high-performance model, this

Howmet TX

The internal combustion engine is without doubt the most important device of the first half of the 20th century. Despite so, many ambitious engineers have attempted to do better in attempts to revolutionise the racing car. Whilst Chrysler had refined the gas turbine engine 5 years prior for road use,

Chaparral 2J

Nicknamed ‘The Vacuum Cleaner’, Chaparral’s 2J did just that, literally suck to the ground. Fitted with two fans driven by a secondary engine nicked from a snowmobile, the combination of a skirt running from behind the front wheels around the back of the car hooked up to the suspension to

General Motors Firebird XP-21

The first of General Motor’s four Firebird concepts, the 1953 Firebird XP-21 is probably the most impractical concept car ever devised. Built purely as a research and development exercise, GM’s Firebird XP-21 featured a radical wind tunnel tested fibreglass body heavily inspired by the Atomic Age. Combined with a gas

Phantom Corsair

Over the years many concepts have claimed to be the car of the future, exhibiting outlandish designs and space age features destined never to see the light of day. Within this rather depressing graveyard of vehicles stands a car of the future which made it damn close to production; the

Ford Nucleon

Occasionally concept cars pioneer fantastic new technology later implemented into production cars. It’s probably better the Ford Nucleon didn’t catch on. Envisioned in 1958 at the pinnacle of the atomic age, the Nucleon concept was to be powered, as the name denotes, by a steam engine fed by an on-board nuclear

Chrysler Turbine Car

The rather sad tragedy of many concept cars are their fictitious claims of performance and technology only exist in the mind of optimistic engineers; just papier-mâché mock-ups destined to do nothing but turn on a plinth at a motor show then be unceremoniously thrown into storage. It’s safe to say

Oldsmobile Golden Rocket

Very few cars manage to preserve the sensory smack in the mouth when first unveiled, but the Oldsmobile Golden Rocket sure does; a car still as breathtaking today as it was at the 1956 General Motors Motorama. Built purely to showcase GM’s design capabilities, the Golden Rocket is clearly inspired by

1973 De Tomaso Pantera

The muscular Italian-American collaboration combined Gandini-penned looks with a brutish Ford Cleveland V8 engine. An intoxicating combination! A stunning fresh-looking design even today. This Pantera is in its original shade of yellow and is to be sold by Coys at their auction during the Paris Motor Show in October: Original description from