Jaguar XJ13 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

1966 Jaguar XJ13

It’s the 21st of January 1971. On that overcast, rainy Thursday Jaguar’s chief test driver, Norman Dewis took an experimental Jaguar up the banking of MIRA’s high speed bowl; it would be the last drive of the prototype Jaguar XJ13. […]

1979 Ferrari 400 GT

The 400GT was a larger engined version of the 365GT4 2+2 that it replaced. The 4823cc V12 engine provided the new 400 GT with much improved performance over its older sister. All Ferraris built in this period were costly, low-production […]

Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR

Mercedes-AMG CLK GTR

With the birth of the FIA’s GT Championship in 1997, Mercedes-Benz instructed AMG to create something very special. AMG were tasked to create a racing car which could also be converted to road use in the design vein of the […]

Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50

An oddity in the world of homologation cars, the Ferrari F50 was not built to appease the FIA’s road car quota; quite simply, it was done in reverse. Originally built as a road car, Ferrari envisaged the potential of a […]

McLaren F1 GT ‘Longtail’

1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

Whilst Gordon Murray envisaged the F1 as the perfect road car, with many believing it is, the F1 also proved to be very successful as a track weapon. Converted into race spec and christened the F1 GTR, the car placed […]

Lamborghini 3500 GTZ – Ferruccio’s Lone Zagato Gran Turismo

Through Lamborghini’s 53-year history carrozzeria’s have played a vital role in clothing some of the most charismatic chassis’ in equally charismatic bodies, with some of Lamborghini’s most beautiful supercars having been penned by coachbuilding and design houses such as Touring, […]